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2019 Information.

Entry forms for 2019 SCC.



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2019 Fixture List. (Revision 4. 11/12/18).  

The 4th revision of the 2019 Fixtire List can be downloaded HERE in pdf format. This reflects reflects the predicted change to the date of COALPORTERS REGATTA which will now be on SATURDAY, 20th JULY and a correction of an error ref. the date of the University Boat Race which is Sunday, 7th April - not the Saturday as shown of Rev 3.

2019 Information.

pdf verion of 2019/2020 Handbook

2018 Information.

pdf verion of 2018/2019 Handbook

Revised H&D Entry form (Excel based) to be trialled in 2018.  DOWNLOAD HERE

The Hants and Dorset Rules and Competitions Sub Committee agreed at its meeting of Tuesday, 20th March, 2018 at BTC Rowing Club to trial a new format for the standard H&D Entry form this season - which is Excel based - although the old word based form will still be available. This decision was endorsed by the Hants & Dorset ARA AGM on Saturday, 24th March, 2018.

The form is based on - with some minor amendments - the Excel based Entry form produced by Tim Bull and used by most Clubs for last years Swanage Regatta which made the production of the program and draw much easier and appeared to be popular with the Clubs. 

The form includes all the information that is on the existing form but as an Excel based spreadsheet it should be easier for event and entries secretaries to sort, merge, cut, copy and paste - plus their are "drop-down" menus for the Club, Regatta, Even/Boat/Type/Status and crew designation - and the Entry Fee column should add up the total.

No doubt there will be some teething problems and suggestions for improvements - please let me know by E Mailing -


2017 Information.

pdf verion of 2017/2018 Handbook

Trial Start Procedure - this has now been adopted for the 2017 season and becomes part of the Rules of Boat Racing/Regatta Rules.

Minutes of Meetings.

Annual General Meetings:

Autumn Delegates Meetings:

Autumn Council Meetings.

  • Autumn Council Meeting- October 2018.
  • Minutes of Meeting Appendicies - not currently available. Hard copy can be requested from Association Secretary.
  • Autumn Council Meeting- October 2017.
  • Minutes of Meeting. Appendices - not currently available. Hard copy can be requested from Association Secretary. 

End of Season Council Meeting. (Confirmation of H&D Champions & representative crews).

  Racing Officials Meetings:

Safety Meetings:


 Handbook archive - pdf verion