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SCC Regatta Information

The next South Coast Championships Rowing Regatta to be hosted by the Hants & Dorset Amateur Rowing Association will take place on Saturday, 2nd September, 2017 at Dorney Lake, Eton - the venue for the 2012 Olympic Regatta - and the South Coast Rowing Championships in 2007 and 2011.

More information on this event will be available here shortly.

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    2017 SCC Entry Pack

    This directory includes all the documents in the 2017 SCC entry pack - including the entry forms, conditions of entry and entry alteration form.
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    Captains, Coaches, Team Managers Handbook.

    Here you will find the Club Captains, coaches, Team Managers Handbook. This includes information on - Captains briefing, the Time table, the organising committee, how to get to Dorney Lake, Parking for Cars, minibuses, coaches, towing vehicles and boat trailers plus the traffic circulation plan; the facilities, reception and prize giving, a map showing the location of facilities, general instructions - including race instructions, training at Dorney, racing circulation pattern, course map, safety and communications, emergency plan, Junior and Senior event safety plans, Boat inspection checklist and heel restrains guide. This handbook is a large file - it’s available in colour in two sections - and in greyscale in one. The Alteration to form is available separately in case you just need to download this.
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    The running order and draw for the Senior and Junior Regatta's can be found here and can be downloaded in pdf. format.
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    Safety Information.

    This directory includes the safety information on the Regatta.
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    SCC 2017. Additional Information.

    This directory includes additional information relating to the Regatta - Car/Coach Parking arrangements, Club Pitches and Training at Dorney Lake prior to the event.
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    Location of Facilities at Dorney Lake.

    This is a map/plan showing the location of the facilities for the 2017 South Coast Championship Regatta at Dorney Lake.
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    South Coast Rowing Championships Rules and Recommendations.

    A full set of the Rules and Recommendations of the South Coast Council, the governing body of the South Coast Rowing Championships. Updated may, 2017.
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    The Racing Circulation Plan for the 2017 South Coast Championship Regatta.

    This is the racing circulation plan for the regatta - which every crew must be familiar with.