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The 2017 South Coast Championships - was hosted by the the Hants & Dorset ARA - at Dorney Lake on  Saturday, 2nd September, 2017. 

The fulll results, including the times, for all the crews, in every event at this years 2017 South Coast Rowing Championships Regatta held on Saturday, 1st September, at Dorney Lake Eton, and hosted by the Hants & Dorset ARA can now be viewed and downloaded from our timing partner's - Mikrotime Sports Systems - web site - go to

SCC 2017. Video Highlights from South Coast Journalism.

The link for the video highlights of the South Coast Championships from our media partners South Coast Journalism can be found at -

The Event photographers at the event were - DE Photo.

Their photographs can be viewed and purchased from their site at -

Go to the site - "Search by Date" at the bottom of the page - click on "Find". Click on 2nd September, 2017 on the Calendar - and a list of events will be displayed on the Right Hand side. Scroll down to "South Coast Rowing Championships" and click on the arrow.

The Souvenir Program can be downloaded here in pdf format.


The 2016 South Coast Championships - hosted by the Coast ARA -  was held at Herne Bay on Saturday, 3rd September, 2016.   

A booklet providing information on the Regatta - accommodation, time table, loaction etc... published by the organising committee can be downloaded here.

The contact for the Regatta was - Ryan Epps. Championship Director. 112, Cantebury Road, Herne Bay, Kent. CT6 5SE. Mobile: 07746 650430. E Mail:

The Hants & Dorset ARA Secretaries report on the Regatta weekend, which includes the results can be downlaoded here in pdf. format.


The 2015 Regatta - hosted by the West of England ARA - was held at Wimbleball Lake in Somerset over the weekend of - 12th/13th September, 2015.

The Hants & Dorset ARA Secretaries report on the Regatta weekend, which includes the results can be downlaoded here in pdf. format.


The 2014 South Coast Championship Regatta - hosted by the Hants & Dorset ARA - was held in Swanage over the weekend of - 13th/14th September

 The results from this South Coast Rowing Championships Regatta can now be downloaded from here - 

as an Excel Spreadsheet  or in pdf format.

Also - now available - pdf version of the 2014 souvenir program.

and the Hants & Dorset ARA's Secretaries report on the 2014 event.


History of the South Coast Rowing Championships Regatta.

The South Coast Rowing Champions was the inspiration of Archie Fraser, of Westover & Bournemouth Rowing Club who had the idea of an event involving the three South Coast Rowing Associations - the Hants & Dorset ARA, (H&D ARA) the Coast ARA (CARA) and the West of England ARA (WEARA) - who would provide a champion in each class to compete in a "champion of champions" race at the end of the rowing season.

The first Championship Regatta was hosted by the Hants & Dorset ARA at Poole in 1957 where Christchurch were the winners of the first Senior event, for the Bideford Bowl, donated by the West of England ARA and BTC won both the Junior Senior and Junior Event. The following day officials from the three Associations met in Poole Yacht Club where it was decided that the Regatta should continue and be hosted by each Association in rotation. It was agreed that the host Association would provide six matched boats and include any supporting events of their own choice. The Hants & Dorset and Christchurch Rowing Clubs Toby Trowbridge was elected the first Chairman of what became the South Coast Council.

In the early years there was a good deal of controversy between the Associations because of the differences in rules and because WEARA rowed in 36' river boats (now 42') but H&DARA and CARA Clubs used 30' staggered seat Coastal boats. However annual meetings of the representative South Coast Committee (now the South Coast Council) have established a set of acceptable rules and regatta format. The original three-year cycle was changed to a four-year cycle with the regatta being held in WEARA every other year to counteract the disadvantage that WEARA crews suffered having to row in Coastal Boats – although this will revert to a three year cycle again from 2011. In 1967 it was stated that the cost of staging the South Coast Championship Regatta was £270 - today it is around £25,000!

Although the supporting events had often included ladies races there was no Championship event until 1976 - and in 1992 a Junior Ladies Championship event was added - with a Veterans Championship added in 2004 bringing the total of Championship events to six.

The 50th Regatta was held at Dartmouth and hosted by the West of England Amateur Rowing Association and included a celebration Dinner on the Thursday evening before the Regatta, a row-past on Regatta day of some of those who had competed in the first Regatta in 1957 - and the inaugural Junior Regatta. 

In 2007 it was the Hants & Dorset ARA’s turn to host the Championships once again and they took the brave and rather controversial decision to stage the event at the new, purpose built, international standard venue of Dorney Lake, Eton, where the 2012 Olympic Regatta will be staged. Their decision was justified when the event proved to be one of the most successful and arguably the fairest ever staged prompting the Association to return to Dorney Lake for the 2011 Championship Regatta.

To celebrate fifty years of the South Coast Championship Regatta, at Dartmouth, in 2006, a fascinating book was produced with full results, including winning crews names and anecdotes from all the Championship regattas held between 1957 and 2005 and this is recommended reading for those who are interested in the event and the history of rowing. Hard copies - at the reduced price of £2.50 will be available for purchase at the Championships or copies can be obtained from the Coast ARA's Phil Challen or the Hants & Dorset ARA’s Denny Woodford who are the books authors - see contact details below. For the first time this book is also now available in pdf. format, free of charge, and can be downloaded from this page - see below. Unfortunately due to the file size it has to be downloaded in four parts.

Phil Challen. 92, Hoddern Avenue, Peacehaven, East Sussex, BN10 7QU

Telephone: 01273 584107. E Mail 

Denis Woodford, 4 Stradbrook, Peel Common, Gosport, Hampshire, PO13 0HA. 

Telephone. 01329 317802. E Mail


Part 1. 1957 to 1964.

Part 2. 1965 to 1978.

Part 3. 1979 to 1992.

Part 4. 1993 to 2005.


The results of the South Coast Championships from 2006 to 2016 can be found here in pdf format.