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A feature length video about Swanage Regatta.

After speaking with the association, Alex Barnes (Lymington ARC) will be filming a feature length video about Swanage Regatta. The current plan is to feature all the senior categories in their entirety, highlight any close or exciting races and do a general round up of the day's results (much like an extended version of the old highlights videos). 

He is also in the process of setting up interviews for the day and the overall aim is to showcase the association in a positive light. If any club has any news or something to promote that is relevant to the regatta, and wishes for Alex to include it in the video, please contact him as soon as possible. This is open to every club. 

Alex will have cameras on site all day and will have race footage of every adult category, including the heats, available to order.

At the moment, he does not have sufficient parental consent to film the J16 races and those races are not scheduled to be filmed. If a club has J16 crews and already has photo/video consent in place, please contact him if you would like that crew to be filmed. Alex also has consent forms that can be filled out as well if needs be. 

The finished video will be available to watch on his website in the following days. It will be published as an 'unlisted' video on YouTube with the link published in Alex's portfolio section. 


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