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MEETING OF THE ASSOCIATION COUNCIL. Saturday, 17th August, 2019, after BTC Regatta.


Saturday, 17th August, 2019, after BTC Regatta.

There will be a meeting of the Association Council on Saturday, 17th August, 2019 - after the completion of BTC Regatta - with reference to the Associations Constitution - Rules (7) and (12). The meeting will be held immediately before or after the prize giving - probably somewhere near Regatta Control - location and time will be confirmed by an announcement over the PA system.

Voting rights at the council meeting are the Associations Executive Officers, the Associations Life Vice Presidents plus one delegates from each affiliated Club and one delegate from each affiliated Event(H&D Constitution Rules number (7/7.1). Officers and delegates must be in attendance to vote and the vote will be by card - which will be issued at or before the meeting.

Alternative arrangements in the event that the BTC Regatta is cancelled or abandoned -

1) If the BTC Regatta – is abandoned after the start of the Regatta the Council meeting will take place at the Regatta site, somewhere near Regatta Control, as soon as practical - the time will be announced over the PA System at the Regatta.

2) If the Regatta is cancelled the day before the Regatta due to the forecast, or on the morning of the Regatta, but more than an hour before the scheduled start, the meeting will take place at Itchen Imperial Rowing Club at 11.30am on Saturday, 17th August.



1) To confirm the Associations Champions in each status and to make arrangements for a "row-off" if applicable.

2) To considor if the Association will enter 3rd crews in Championship events if SCC Rule 25 (B) invoked (see below).

3) To agree the Associations representative Crews for the South Coast Championship Regatta to be held at Dartmouth, on Saturday, 14th September, 2019 and to make arrangements for any "row-offs" that may be required.

4) Any Other Business - submitted in accordance with Association Rules.

Stephen C. Bull, Association Secretary.

Associations Constitution - Rules (7) and (12)


7.1. The management of the Association shall be invested in a Council consisting of the Executive, Life Vice Presidents and one delegate from each affiliated Club and one delegate from each affiliated event (hereinafter called the Council).

7.2. The Council shall have full power to enquire into the conduct of any Club or event or individual in respect of whom a complaint has been made and for that purpose may require the attendance of specific officials and other persons and the production of all books, letters and other documents. They shall full power to deal with all offending or defaulting Clubs, events or individuals as they may think fit including imposing fines and suspensions or withholding championship points but any motion imposing such action shall require a two-thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote.

7.3. The Council may make bye-laws which shall be binding on the Association until the next AGM at which they must be ratified in order to stay in force.


12.1. Additional meetings of the Council may be called at any time by any two of the Executive or requisitioned in writing by three affiliated Clubs or events who shall deposit with the Honorary Secretary the sum of £20 or such sum as the Association shall from time to time prescribe to cover the cost of the meeting, stating the objects of the meeting and the names of those requisitioning the same and the meeting may decide whether the circumstances for calling the meeting justified the whole or part of such sum so deposited  being refunded. 

South Coast Council Rule. Entry conditions. Championship events. Rule 25. (B) hi-lighted.

25. (a) Each Association has the right to nominate the crews that will represent them in the six Championship events, and are not bound to nominate their Champion crew or runner-up.Crews must come from Clubs affiliated to the Association that they are representing and must all be registered members of that Club. In the event of a crew in a Championship race becoming incomplete before the start of the Championship Regatta, the Association concerned shall have the right to nominate a substitute oarsperson from the same Club, or to replace the entire crew by another crew from another Club.

(b) If one of the Associations cannot fulfil their full representation, even if the Association can only submit one crew in any one status, then the other two Associations may enter an

additional crew in that status without charge. The Association that cannot fulfil their representation must try to give the other two Associations as much notice as possible, being

not later than the closing date of entries for the Championship of their failure to fulfil.

(c) That all crews in the Championship events must have competed in at least three Championship Regattas within their Association for the Club that they are representing to qualify for entry into the South Coast Championship Regatta.

(d) That all crews in the Open events must have competed in at least three championship Regattas within their Association or have been a registered Association member for 12 months for the Club that they are representing to qualify for entry into the South Coast Championship Regatta.

(e) That all crews in the Junior Regatta must come from clubs affiliated to the Association that they are representing, and must all be registered members of that club.(f) No oarsperson who ransferred between two Clubs less than four weeks before the published date of the South Coast Championship Regatta will be allowed to compete in any Open or Invitation event at the Championship Regatta for their new Club.

(g) Any crew selected by their Association to represent them, but the crew refuses, that crew will not be accepted in any other race at that Championship.

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